Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not your average Halloween candy

For your Halloween treating fun, Hershey's has new flavors of Hershey kisses. We have very easily located the Candy Corn (which are adorable just to look at) and the Pumpkin Spice. Supposedly they have also released Caramel Apple kisses, but no one I know of has been able to find them.

We taste tested the 2 we found. We really liked the Candy Corn, they were a little sweeter, but not too sweet and with a slight candy corn flavor. The pumpkin spice on the other hand, well, they are a bit much for the taste buds. I love all things pumpkin, but the flavor can be a bit overpowering. The color is pretty though, so I might save them for decorating Thanksgiving cakes and treats.

I will keep you posted on my hunt for a Caramel Apple bag!


Alexa said...

My boss brought in caramel kisses and said they were disgusting (that's why he brought them in). I couldn't bring myself to eat one.

PumpkinPatch said...

Ohhh, any idea where he got them?