Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enter The Laboratory If You Dare

One way you can add a little extra spook to your Halloween party is to transform your kitchen into a mad scientist's lab. It is easier than it may seem.

First you need the scientist. Use dad, grampa, crazy uncle.... Give his hair a little tease to make it stand up, sprinkle it with a little talc powder, and spray it with a combination of white and gray hair sprays. Dress him in an old white jacket or lab coat. Finish off his 'mad' look by darkening around his eyes with black and gray eyeshadow.

Now, for the decorations. What would a mad scientist have lying around? Cover the table with a tablecloth ( a store bought plastic cover would work, or use wild Halloween printed fabric to make your own), I like either shocking purple, or Frankenstein skin green. Place old beakers, test tubes, vials, eyedroppers, and the occasional rubber rat or bug around the table. Drape some fake spiderwebs over the windows, walls, and light fixtures. Fill flasks with water in different colors. A rubber monster face mask and some body parts are always good to have around.

Now for the food, it is the kitchen after all. Serve tomato soup in test tubes to look like blood. Have a spare brain sitting around (molded Jell-O or spaghetti will do). Use rubber gloves (thoroughly soak and wash first) to mold ice hands (use can use green food coloring to tint the water) and float them in the punch bowl.

Check back for more body part food ideas!